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NSW Coastal Council

The NSW Coastal Council's role is to provide expert advice on coastal matters to the minister administering the Coastal Management Act 2016.


Advisory and legislative functions

The NSW Coastal Council provides expert advice on matters relating to the minister's functions under the Act, and in relation to the development and implementation of coastal management programs by local councils.

The NSW Coastal Council may, at the minister's request, provide advice to another public authority on matters relating to coastal management, or conduct a performance audit of the implementation of a coastal management program of a local council. 

Composition of the NSW Coastal Council

The NSW Coastal Council is established under section 24 of the Coastal Management Act 2016.

The NSW Coastal Council is to consist of not less than 3, and not more than 7, members appointed by the Minister for Environment. Members of the NSW Coastal Council have expertise in one or more of a range of fields relating to coastal management. 

Following an extensive recruitment process, 3 new appointments were made to the Coastal Council in 2024. 

The members of the NSW Coastal Council are: 

Dr Philip Haines (chairperson)

Phil is a recognised industry leader and expert in coastal engineering and management with 34 years of experience working across New South Wales and Queensland. He has led and delivered many large and complex coastal, estuarine, and floodplain projects, combing his engineering background with significant practical experience in coastal land use planning, coastal ecology, social science, and economics.

Dr Elizabeth McEntyre

Elizabeth is a Worimi Guringai and Wonnarua Elder belonging to Lands and Waters spanning Port Stephens, the Great Myall Lakes, the Barrington Tops, and the Hunter Valley in the NSW. She is a Doctor of Social Work and Criminology, with a career portfolio involving senior leadership positions with the Aboriginal Community-Led sector, and the Commonwealth and NSW Public Service. She has significant experience in social science and knowledge related to traditional and contemporary Aboriginal use and management of the coastal zone. 

Dr Mark Conlon

Mark is an executive management strategist specialising in coastal land use planning and management, traditional and contemporary Aboriginal use and management of the coastal zone, and economics of financing natural disaster responses. He has worked at senior levels in government across a range of programs, including leading programs in coastal and marine park ecology conservation and coastal land use planning for climate change. 

Dr Grahame Byron

Grahame was nominated by the Minister administering the Marine Estate Management Act 2014 and a member of the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel.

Grahame has over 45 years of experience as a senior advisor to state and federal government, non-government and academic sectors in coastal ecology and its application to the planning, management and monitoring of coastal and marine environments. 

Coastal Council work program

The NSW Coastal Council publishes information on its activities relevant to a range of matters to do with the preparation and implementation of coastal management programs. The information is updated regularly for the benefit of coastal practitioners and the community following the progress of the council's work program.

Annual surveys


The Coastal Council comments on matters on public exhibition it considers important to the implementation of the NSW Coastal Management Framework. Its submissions are not government policy.

Reviews and government response

Coastal Council meetings

The NSW Coastal Council meets regularly, approximately 6 times a year. Its constitution and procedures are detailed in the Act.

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