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Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Help Desk and support


Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Help Desk

Contact the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Help Desk if you need help participating in the scheme, want more details or wish to provide feedback. 

Phone: 1800 931 717 (Tuesday to Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm). 

Email:[email protected]

Customer alert

The BOS Help Desk is experiencing technical difficulties with our customer enquiry management system, resulting in some customers not receiving responses from the BOS Help Desk Team.

If you have submitted an enquiry and have not received a response, or if it has been over 15 business days since you last heard from us, please contact the helpdesk at [email protected]

If you have a reference number, please include this in your email to us.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to resolve this matter.

Help Desk, support team and mailbox

Our team of dedicated officers manages and coordinates Biodiversity Offsets Scheme questions. 

The team consults internal subject matter officers from within the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Branch and Biodiversity Conservation Division for complex and technical enquiries. 

Our team is here to help you with specific questions about the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. We will always treat you with courtesy and respect and ask that all customers working with our team treat us with the same courtesy by email or in telephone interactions with our staff.

Phone: 1800 931 717 (Tuesday to Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm).

Email: [email protected]

  • The BOS Mailbox is monitored Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • Reply timings may vary based on complexity – we aim to respond within 15 business days.
  • You will receive an automated email confirmation when your enquiry is logged.
  • If you have a specific deadline, please outline the reasons and timeframes in your email.

Information needed for BOS Help Desk enquiry line calls

You can call the BOS Help Desk enquiry line  (1800 931 717) 

Tuesday to Thursday, 10 am–4 pm. 

Where possible and relevant to your enquiry, please have essential information ready before calling:

  • your email address for enquiry logging
  • your contact details.

Specific development details (if applicable):

  • Development application (DA) or major project number (if relevant).
  • Location of your proposed development site — Council area (local government area), lot/DP and address.
  • Any relevant advice provided on the proposed development from the council, department regional planning teams or specialist biodiversity reports.

Survey guidance references (if applicable):

  • Please reference the Biodiversity Assessment Method, Threatened Biodiversity Database Collection and any specific guidance material available for the threatened species and how this has been considered.
  • Please provide any relevant site maps prepared to support your enquiry.
  • Developing survey guidance is complex and requires researching the latest science and liaising with species experts. These enquiries may take time, depending on the availability and maturity of information. We may contact you for assistance with your enquiry or to provide an update while a response is being developed.
  • For advice on cases where the department has not yet published an applicable survey guide, please read the Biodiversity Assessment Method Operational Manual – Stage 1 (Section 4.4.4)

For technical systems support:

Please provide the following as relevant:

  • Biodiversity Offsets and Agreements Management System (BOAMs) parent case number
  • BAM-Calculator child case number
  • screenshots of any errors
  • if reopening or transferring a case, please include authorisation from the case owner.

Please see the following troubleshooting steps if you are having trouble accessing Biodiversity Offsets and Agreements Management System (BOAMS) or the BAM-Calculator case:

  • use the Google Chrome web browser
  • de-activate your 'pop-up blocker'. This will help to access the BAM-C from the child case
  • check that you are logging into the correct Biodiversity Offsets and Agreements Management System link.

To find specific support information for accredited assessors, local government, biodiversity assessment, maps, credit transactions and more, go to the Scheme contacts page