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Landholder story: farmers preserving land for future generations

These farmers see a great opportunity to participate in helping protect threatened ecological communities and species on private land.


This stunning 2,000-hectare property is located north-east of Bathurst. A Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement site was established on the land in June 2022 and credits were created as a result of the high biodiversity values present, including 1,300 hectares of the critically endangered ecological community White Box – Yellow Box – Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland. 

‘As farmers, we feel that this is a great opportunity for us to participate in helping protect a diverse patch of threatened ecological community and species on private land. We adore the uniqueness of the property and this will allow future generations to enjoy a diverse landscape in a world that's leaning towards monocultures for mass food production.’

The property has been used for grazing and includes the ruins of a historic mining village dating back to the 1870s.

‘The property is an iconic landscape with trees gently shading native grasslands and wildflower ground cover. This is why we are so passionate about saving this nationally listed endangered ecological community.’

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