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Biodiversity stewardship agreements map

This map provides information about biodiversity stewardship agreement sites in New South Wales.


Biodiversity stewardship agreements (BSA) conserve and restore habitat for native species and ecosystems and provide offsets for development and infrastructure.

Each agreement has requirements for managing the site, including managing pests, weeds, fire, establishing fences, and other activities to restore the local ecology of the site. The biodiversity gain generates biodiversity credits, which can be sold to fund the management of the site.

Biodiversity stewardship agreements map

This interactive map viewer shows the location of sites approved by 30 September 2023, including biodiversity stewardship agreements under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and Biobanking Agreements approved under the former Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

You can search for agreements and view the ecosystems and species being conserved under each biodiversity stewardship agreement and the management actions undertaken.

View the biodiversity stewardship agreements map

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