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Landholder story: Making environmental protection part of the business

These landholders are already seeing good environmental and financial outcomes from their Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement, and look forward to learning more about the wonderful biodiversity on this land.


Everleigh is located in Tooraweenah, approximately 33 km south-west of Coonabarabran. The scenic biodiversity stewardship site was established in 2021. 

As a result of having in-demand credits, the landholder was able to sell sufficient credits to meet the Total Fund Deposit and the site is now in active management. There are still over 500 credits available for the Offset Trading Group and Threatened Ecological Community: White Box – Yellow Box – Blakely’s Redgum Woodland. 

The landholders were introduced to biodiversity stewardship through their work in the resources industry and saw it as an opportunity to diversify home farm life with good environmental outcomes. 

‘I saw it as a unique opportunity to move towards the future and protect sensitive parts of the land, so our farm enterprises now include livestock and environmental protection,’ the landholder shared. 

Located within the Warrumbungle Slopes and Goonoo Slopes Mitchell Landscape this beautiful site is now protected in perpetuity and, with the environmental and financial outcomes they are already seeing, the landholders are looking at introducing this enterprise to their new property too. 

‘We look forward to learning more about the wonderful biodiversity on this land.’

View from a small clearing on a hilltop of eucalypts and other trees growing around the clearing and on the facing hillside

Everleigh Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement site.