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For accredited assessors

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 assessors must be accredited to apply the Biodiversity Assessment Method


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Accredited assessors are accredited to apply the Biodiversity Assessment Method and prepare Biodiversity Assessment Reports. 

Biodiversity experts have been approved to provide specialised knowledge about threatened species for inclusion in a Biodiversity Assessment Report.  

To become an accredited assessor, you require specific academic qualifications and experience, and must complete accredited assessor training. 

Controls and treatments are in place to ensure assessments and reports by accredited assessors are of high quality and adhere to established standards.

Find more information on our Biodiversity Assessment Method tools and resources here, including operational manuals, frameworks and calculators.  

Accredited Assessors can access all release notes for Biodiversity Assessment Method Calculator updates.  

Find updates and information on vegetation integrity benchmarks and plant community types.