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NSW Koala Strategy

The NSW Koala Strategy is supporting a range of conservation actions that will provide more habitat for koalas, support local community action, improve koala safety and health, and build our knowledge to improve koala conservation.

Protecting koalas for future generations

Koalas in NSW are facing a range of threats, including habitat loss and fragmentation, climate change, bushfires, disease, declining genetic diversity, vehicle strike and dog attacks. These factors have resulted in significant population decline, with koalas now listed as ‘endangered’.

The NSW Government is committed to addressing these threats to protect koalas for future generations.

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A koala in a tree

More than $190 million

The NSW Government is investing over $190 million to deliver the targeted conservation actions that the strategy sets out. These actions work towards the long-term goal of doubling koala numbers in NSW by 2050.

Targeted action and investment

koala in tree

to protect, restore, and improve 47,000 ha of koala habitat

Koala tree planting with WWF Australia

to support local communities to conserve koalas and fund partnerships

A koala in a tree being fed medicine

to remove threats and improve koala safety and health

A koala clings to a tree with a ribbon on it in a burnt landscape

to fill knowledge gaps and better understand koala populations

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