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Find an accredited assessor


If the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme applies to your project, you need an accredited assessor to apply the Biodiversity Assessment Method and prepare the Biodiversity Assessment Report. 

The relevant Biodiversity Assessment Report depends on your project: 

  • A Biodiversity Development Assessment Report is required for a development, clearing or activity to accompany your application for project approval. 
  • A Biodiversity Certification Assessment Report is required to accompany an application for biodiversity certification of land. Biodiversity certification is only for certain situations. See Biodiversity certification.
  • A Biodiversity Stewardship Site Assessment Report is required to accompany an application for a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement to generate biodiversity credits by conserving land. 

You can find accredited assessors using the Accredited Assessor Public Register. 

Accredited assessors are listed in the public register under their preferred work regions in New South Wales but are permitted to operate in all parts of the state.  

Accredited Assessor Public Register