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Habitat Restoration HUB

The Habitat Restoration HUB is part of the online Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) BioCollect Ecoscience platform. The aim of the HUB is to provide an online, open-access and enduring space for documenting current and past habitat restoration work using standard criteria and in standard format. The information collected in this archive of habitat restoration sites will:

  • provide program managers with a central record of the work they have conducted over time
  • enable restoration work to be summarised and analysed over different spatial and temporal scales
  • assist with coordination and planning of large-scale restoration programs
  • assist with natural resource management, conservation and research.

Some funding bodies and programs, including the NSW Koala Strategy, will use the HUB as a project reporting tool.

Preliminary development of the HUB commenced in September 2020, where more than 70 experienced restoration practitioners and program coordinators identified standardised data capture for restoration work as a priority action. Early development was funded by an American National Science Foundation Grant (CNH-L: Dynamics of Zoonotic Systems: Human-Bat-Pathogen Interactions) and ongoing work is funded jointly by that grant, the NSW Koala Strategy, a federal Multiregional Bushfire Recovery Grant and the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.


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