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Current biodiversity credit demand

This page helps landholders see if they could have in-demand credits.


The Credits Supply Taskforce (Taskforce) works with proponents across New South Wales to identify current or upcoming demand for biodiversity credits. This page provides information on the location and type of in-demand biodiversity credits. 

Demand for biodiversity credits fluctuates and there is no guarantee a credit type will remain in demand. Credit types shown in the resources below are in demand at the time of publication and are subject to change as a result of ongoing demand analysis. 

In-demand credits search tool

Use this tool to search for ecosystem or species credits that are currently in demand or are soon to be in demand. You can select a subregion to see offset trading groups (OTGs) – that is, ecosystem credits – currently in demand in that subregion. You can also search for a specific OTG to see subregions where it is needed. Species credits can be filtered by fauna or flora species. 

The search tool shows all potential subregions or OTGs that could meet current demand, in line with the like-for-like offset rules. 

If you are viewing the search-tool on a mobile device or tablet, you can rotate your device to landscape for a better view and experience.


The in-demand ecosystem credits shown in this tool are also included in the in-demand credits map and Credits Near Me app resources below, which help users understand the types of biodiversity credits in potential supply and demand across New South Wales.

In-demand credits map

You can enter your address into the search tool on our In-demand Credits Map to check if your property is within an area of current or upcoming demand.

In-demand Credits Map

The in-demand credits map shows the potential location of in-demand offset trading groups (OTGs) in IBRA subregions with demand for biodiversity credits. Demand for threatened ecological communities (TECs) and species credits is not currently included on this map. 

You can also search for current or upcoming credit demand, including TECs and species, using the in-demand credits search tool above.

Credits Near Me NSW app

The Credits Near Me NSW mobile and web app is a great starting point for landholders thinking about establishing a biodiversity stewardship agreement under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

The app can help landholders identify the types of biodiversity credits they may be able to create and sell, and whether there are people looking to buy these types of credits.

The app can also help proponents of developments find areas where the potential supply of credits may help meet their biodiversity offset obligations.

Credits Near Me NSW app

Credit Demand Expression of Interest 

The Taskforce is seeking expressions of interest from proponents who would like help to source biodiversity credits. 

If you are a proponent seeking biodiversity credits and you are interested in adding your credit needs to the Taskforce In-Demand Credits Map and search tool, you can submit a Credit Demand Expression of Interest.

Credit Demand Expression of Interest

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