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Maps and resources to help apply the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme


In this section

Find map services for the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme including the Biodiversity Values map, In-demand Credits Map, and Credits Near Me NSW app.  

Access the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme guides, tools and databases. 

The Native Vegetation Regulatory map can help landholders consider how to manage native vegetation on their land and when the BOS may apply. 

The fees and administration costs in connection with the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme are set out in the Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017. 

Find key application forms relating to the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme. 

Scheme participants use the Biodiversity Offsets and Agreement Management System to manage Biodiversity Offsets Scheme information and data. 

The department maintains public registers with information about accredited assessors, credit supply and demand, transactions and BioBanking. 

Credits Near Me NSW is an app and website developers and landholders can use to understand potential supply and demand of credits across NSW.