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Landholder story: income and environmental benefits

A Belmore River property protects the environment and provides a steady source of income to fund land management.


A Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement site was established a number of years ago on the Belmore River, located approximately 340 km north-east of Sydney in the Macleay Hastings IBRA subregion. 

The landholders entered into the scheme to preserve the natural beauty of the property, which is set between national parks on the northern and southern borders and creates a natural corridor between them.

The site is still used by family and friends for recreational enjoyment and camping, and is a treasured location near the coast.

‘We love the abundance of native flora and fauna and the peace and quiet.’ 

Establishment of the stewardship site has provided the landholders with the opportunity to preserve natural habitat while the land pays for itself, without needing to resort to development.

‘The stewardship allows us to maintain the lifestyle opportunities of the property, while providing a steady source of income to manage the land.’


Belmore River Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement site

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