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Credit supply and demand information


Drivers of supply and demand for credits 

Landholders generate the supply of biodiversity credits by entering into voluntary Biodiversity Stewardship Agreements. The agreement requires them to undertake management actions to protect and improve biodiversity on their land.  

The type and number of credits created under each Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement depends on:

  • the amount, type and quality of the biodiversity on a particular site
  • the management actions that the landholder has agreed to.

Demand for biodiversity credits can come from a range of buyers, including:

  • developers and other parties with credit obligations for their projects
  • government agencies  
  • philanthropic buyers
  • corporations seeking to meet nature-related requirements.

Using credit supply and demand information 

Information about credit supply and demand can be used for various purposes, including:

  • helping landholders consider the economic feasibility of entering into a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement
  • helping proponents plan projects efficiently, avoid and minimise biodiversity impacts and make decisions about how to meet offset obligations for the residual impact
  • helping buyers and sellers estimate a fair price for biodiversity credits  
  • helping buyers and sellers of credits connect with each other.  

Credit supply, demand and pricing summary tables 

To make it easier to understand what information is available, the department maintains summary tables of available credit supply, demand and pricing information. These summary tables include information about:

  • supply of credits – including registers and the Biodiversity Credits Catalogue
  • demand for credits – including registers and products to estimate future demand
  • pricing credits – including guides and dashboards.

For each information source, the summary table includes:

  • a brief overview
  • the source of its underlying data
  • key data considerations
  • the frequency of updates  
  • a hyperlink to the source.

Access the Summary tables of biodiversity credit market information.