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Nature Markets and Offsets division

Nature Markets and Offsets is responsible for the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme, Biodiversity Credits Supply Fund, delivery of biodiversity stewardship agreements, and credits market performance and transactions.


The Nature Markets and Offsets (NMO) division is part of the Biodiversity, Conservation and Science group of the NSW Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Nature Markets and Offsets oversees a range of program areas in biodiversity stewardship, conservation, and the NSW biodiversity credits market. It also delivers reforms to improve landholder and proponent participation in the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS).

Through the $106.7 million Biodiversity Credits Supply Fund and other key program areas, Nature Markets and Offsets is addressing the shortfalls in biodiversity credits to offset development and increase investment in land restoration and conservation.

What does Nature Markets and Offsets do?

The Nature Markets and Offsets division:

  • administers the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme within the provisions of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016
  • delivers programs and reforms in policy and governance to improve how the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme operates to maximise conservation outcomes
  • fast-tracks supply of biodiversity credits by proactively supporting landholders to enter into biodiversity stewardship agreements (BSAs) that generate priority credits (credits most likely to be in demand)
  • assesses and approves new biodiversity stewardship agreements (BSAs) – note the Biodiversity Conservation Trust is responsible for the management of biodiversity stewardship agreements and making payments through the Biodiversity Stewardship Payments Fund (BSPF)
  • operates the Biodiversity Credits Supply Fund in a way that improves the biodiversity credits market, lowering the cost of in-demand credits and increasing their availability for proponents to support the delivery of infrastructure and projects across New South Wales
  • enhances conservation benefits by contributing to regional and landscape-scale conservation objectives, integrating private and public land measures and contributing to an integrated biodiversity strategy for the state
  • leads initiatives in nature markets, natural capital and accounts.

Probity and transparency arrangements

This publication provides an overview of the measures put in place to manage probity risks and issues relating to the operation of the Credits Supply Fund and support transparent and accountable decision making.

Probity and transparency arrangements

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