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Latest Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Updates

The Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Update is a regular newsletter providing scheme updates to accredited assessors, local government, landholders and other interested stakeholders.  

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Latest newsletters

View the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Update newsletters from the past 3 months below:


For accredited assessors and proponents

  • New prices to pay to the Biodiversity Conservation Fund will commence on 1 July 2024
  • Update to the serious and irreversible impacts (SAII) list
  • Update to BioNet web service performance issue

Biodiversity Assessment Method updates

  • Release of the Biodiversity Assessment Method 5-year review report

For credit owners and buyers

  • Last chance – Offer a price to sell biodiversity credits to the BCT – the Credit Tender closes 24 April 2024
  • Reminder to submit applications for BOS Credit transfers and retirements as soon as possible before 30 June
  • Biodiversity credits catalogue now available
  • Credit Supply Fund reverse auction 5
  • BCT's May 2023 Statewide Biodiversity Credit Tender Outcomes Report now available

Scheme training and support

  • Invitation for council staff to attend free BOS local government workshops
  • Biodiversity Offsets Scheme local government eLearning course
  • BOS Help Desk customer alert – Technical issue impacting enquiries

Biodiversity stewardship agreement updates

  • Revised biodiversity stewardship agreements map now available
  • Biodiversity stewardship agreements are increasing the supply of in-demand credits
  • Stewardship Support Program open until 1 May 2024


For accredited assessors

  • New trust account type in BOAMS for accredited assessors

Updates to scheme online resources

  • The new BOS website is now live
  • The draft Native Vegetation Regulatory map release expanded to include Central West, Central Tablelands, North Coast and Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Regions

Upcoming training and information sessions

  • Local Government BOS training workshops – register now
  • Ecological Monitoring Module for BSAs – Assessor training
  • Accredited assessor training dates 2024
  • Online forum: Management action costs

Biodiversity Assessment Method updates

  • Forest Owls changed to species credits 14 March 2024
  • Updates to the TBDC and BAM-C
  • Updated BAM-C User Guide now available
  • Widely Cultivated Native Species added to BioNet

For credit owners and buyers

  • BSA update and variations
  • Final reminder – Sell biodiversity credits to the BCT – the next Credit Tender opens 3 April 2024
  • Credits Supply Fund Reverse Auction 5

Interested in establishing a BSA?

  • Stewardship Support Program open until 1 May 2024


For accredited assessors 

  • Next accredited assessor forum is on management costings for Total Fund Deposits 
  • New BSSAR and Management Plan templates now mandatory 
  • Biodiversity Assessment Method updates 
  • Forest Owls changing to species credits 14 March 2024 

For credit owners and buyers 

  • New price to pay into the Biodiversity Conservation Fund for large forest owls 
  • New guideline to support better disclosure of information that may affect the price of biodiversity credits 
  • Reminder: Sell biodiversity credits to the BCT – the next Credit Tender opens 3 April 2024 
  • The Supply Fund is opening its next reverse auction 

Interested in establishing a BSA? 

  • New BSA application guide 
  • Update on BSAs and SEOI Program 

Training opportunities for local government 

  • New Biodiversity Offsets Scheme training for local government staff