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Find out more about the policies that guide the care and protection of our environment and cultural heritage.

Leaves hanging from a branch in a gumtree. Some are red, yellow, and green.

Our biodiversity conservation policies and guidelines help us manage biodiversity, assess impacts and monitor activities to support our work to protect the environment.

Aerial shot of flooding. Tree tops can be seen sticking out of the water.

The Flood Risk Management Manual and the Flood Prone Land Policy guide local councils in managing flood risk to their communities.

Water with trees lining either side and a mountain in the background. The water is glassy and has a perfect reflection of the trees and mountains.

Our park management policies are designed to protect native plants, animals and ecosystems while meeting the needs of business operators and visitors.

Water with a beautiful tree growing out from the middle and lush green grass growing throughout.

There are 12 principles that guide the way wetlands are looked after and preserved.

Scientist in a white lab coat standing in front of vast shelves of plants growing under lights.

This policy outlines the roles and responsibilities for those involved in scientific, education and conservation actions that require a scientific licence.

A tiny possum sits on a branch surrounded by wattle flowers and seed pods. The possum is about as long as the seed pods.

Our policies, guidelines and codes of practice cover many aspects of the management and protection of our wildlife.